Immigration Advocates Who Have Sued The Administration To End The Policy Say It Is An Enforcement Measure Disguised As A Public Health Order.

Oct 08, 2021  

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Today, access to the Canadian embassy compound – as well as the multistorey official residence across the street, with its adjacent gym, bar and swimming pool – is tightly controlled by the Taliban, who say they’ll only open the gates when Canadian diplomats return. A framed memorial to 16 Gurkhas sits in a deserted security booth in the embassy compound. Both the embassy and the ambassador’s residence are hidden behind tall concrete blast walls, a testament to how diplomats never felt truly comfortable in this country, despite all the money and military might deployed here. “Tell them to come back, that it is safe here now in Afghanistan. Everything is normal, praise God,” said a Taliban fighter named Zabiullah, one of a pair of soldiers patrolling the embassy district on foot this week. Other militants occasionally drove through the area in battered police jeeps and U.S.-made armoured Humvees that the Taliban captured when the Western-trained Afghan National Army surrendered Kabul without a fight. Global Affairs Canada said it could not discuss the status of the embassy, which was built in 2003 and received a $56-million expansion and upgrade several years later, owing to “security considerations.” However, departmental spokesperson John Babcock appeared to rule out Canadian diplomats returning to Kabul any time soon. “Canada has no plans to recognize the Taliban as the government of Afghanistan. The Taliban remain a listed terrorist entity under Canadian law,” he said in response to e-mailed questions.

Melbourne was shaken by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake. “I wonder if that outdoors-all-year-round, even-when-the-weather’s-miserable lifestyle of Melbourne is going to pick up again. I am a bit concerned that, after this, after a lot of businesses have shut down, a once vibrant city is going to be dead for a couple of years. It’s going to take a long time to rebuild.” Melbourne’s thriving arts sector has been the worst affected, and least supported, industry since the pandemic began. Kyran Wheatley was preparing to open a comedy club when Melbourne was first put into lockdown in March 2020. It opened for one weekend that July before going back into hard lockdown. Entertainment venues have been given a tentative reopening date of 8 November by the Victorian government, provided they keep crowds to one person per four square metres. That’s not enough customers to be viable, says Wheatley. He is also concerned people will be less excited to go out if the city reopens with thousands of cases a day, rather than zero. Melbourne was shaken by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake.

The policy, known as Title 42, had been due to be lifted Thursday in accordance with a lower court order, but the administration appealed the decision. The Trump administration had invoked Title 42, a rarely used clause of public health law, to turn immigrants away at the U.S.-Mexico border. The Biden administration had kept the policy in place, but a U.S. district judge ruled this month that the law did not provide the authority to sell block asylum-seekers from entering. Planning to lift Title 42, DHS officials had been preparing for a historic border surge of as many as 400,000 migrants in a single month, concerned that the new policy would spur even more migrants to come. In its order, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, which said it was granting the Biden administration's request for an emergency stay, scheduled oral arguments for January. Immigration advocates who have sued the administration to end the policy say it is an enforcement measure disguised as a public health order. "If the Biden administration really wants to treat asylum-seekers humanely, it should end this lawless policy now and withdraw its appeal.

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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wears a mask during a visit to the Kainga Ora housing development in Auckland. Experts say it’s still too soon to definitively say whether the government’s housing reforms have failed. But even if the reforms managed to halt house-price growth in its tracks in a few years, that will be too late for a generation of younger New Zealanders, who are looking down the barrel of a 50% rise in prices in the coming years, building on already-stratospheric highs. Stewart says there’s a lack of urgency from government. “The problems of the housing crisis can sometimes be theoretical to the people in power,” she says – they are people who typically own their own homes. “I think that makes taking action more difficult for them.” The government of prime minister Jacinda Ardern introduced a package of reforms in March aimed at cooling New Zealand’s runaway housing market. Photograph: Hannah Peters/Getty Images “We’re already feeling the negative impacts, on our housing quality, on security of housing – of course that effects, you know, all facets of our health,” she says. “The story of inequality in Aotearoa is the story of the housing crisis – and how that plays out in both homeownership but also in the inequities playing out in renting,” says Auckland Central MP Chlöe Swarbrick. Fundamentally, the government did not want to see prices fall and its policies reflect this, she said. But if prices do not fall, and rents are not controlled, both young and old will remain locked out of the market.