And The Eu On The Details Of The Separation.

Oct 07, 2021  

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Australia to End Travel Ban in Pivot to Living With Covid-19 Fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents will be able to leave and return without seeking permission Startups, governments and nonprofits are racing to create so-called “vaccine passports,” or digital health passes aimed at helping people travel and safely move around in public. WSJ explains what it would take to get a global digital health pass system off the ground. Illustration: Zoë Soriano SYDNEY—Australia plans to start reopening its international border in November, ending one of the world’s strictest pandemic-era travel bans as authorities pivot from trying to suppress Covid-19 to living with it. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said travel restrictions would be dropped for fully vaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents, who would be able to leave and return to the country without seeking permission as is required now. They will also be allowed to quarantine at home for seven days, while current rules require returning travelers to pay thousands of dollars to quarantine at government-run hotels or camps for two weeks.

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HomeFirst program aims to help aspiring homebuyers in New York City A new initiative in the city is making people homeowners for the first time. The HomeFirst Down Payment Assistance Program , offered by NYC’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development, has allowed 28-year-old Chabely Asuncion to accomplish her childhood dream. Asuncion, a Harlem native, has wanted to own a place of her own since she was a little girl. But for her and most of the younger generation, owning a home could be challenging. She was saving her money by living with her parents, and then everything came together last year with the help of the program. “The HomeFirst program really paved the way for me to get this apartment for myself,” Asuncion told News 12. “"ust because when you're a first time homebuyer you don't know where to start, the program really helped me figure out what steps I needed to take." The program aims to help low-income potential buyers by giving them grants up to $100,000 to put toward a down payment. It also is designed to open up opportunities for aspiring homeowners in different neighborhoods. HPD has assisted around 2,000 families with achieving their homeowner dreams.

"We would encourage them to monitor for symptoms. We would continue to send kids home if we detect symptoms," said Pat Sullivan, Medford School District Superintendent. However, now the Taylor County Health Department says that needs to change. On Thursday, department officials issued an order mandating close-contact students and staff stay in quarantine for the full time required. That order is in line with a state statute that says in part "local health officers may do what is reasonable and necessary for the prevention and suppression of disease," a decision that is angering some residents. "They're disappointed. They're missing school and they're missing work and that's obviously the problem," Sullivan said. An area pastor and community member said he understands the frustration but asks parents to be kind when reaching out to officials. "I know you're mad, and it's okay to be mad.